Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Things

Shelly and I decided to do a little after school crafting the other day (Lily was at school taking Drivers Ed). 

Our first craft was "bunnies with a cute bum". I found the craft idea here and used her template to create the bunnies. 

Then we made the little pom poms and hot glued them to the bunnies. We put our bunnies on to a piece of yarn to create a garland. I hot glued mine and Shelly chose to hole punch hers and lace the yarn through the bunnies' ears. 

I put mine up on the mantel and Shelly displayed hers on her window. 

Our next spring activity was creating butterflies. I found this idea here. I made the square/circle template and traced it on to some of my scrapbook paper (good use for that seldom used paper). 

Then we cut out our patterns and got to work folding. Once the folding was done, we tied the middle of the butterfly with bakers twine and pipe cleaners. We fluffed out the wings and they were ready to be placed with the bunnies on the mantel. 

Supplies and pattern for the butterfly


bunnies and butterflies

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