Tuesday, May 12, 2015

15 Today!!!!!!!

Today Lily Karina turns 15. As cliche as this sounds, I just can't believe that she is 15. 

Lily arrived 4 days late and I was thrilled when I finally began having contractions. We lived about 5 minutes from the hospital and we took our time getting ourselves there. I wanted to be sure that once I entered that hospital I was going to be leaving with my baby.

My mom, dad, sister, and John's mom and sister were at the hospital when Lily was born. I couldn't believe how beautiful her long eyelashes were and how awesome her eyebrows looked. She was just perfect and I instantly loved that little baby girl.

From that day on Lily has been smart, funny, strong-willed, determined, kind, fashionable, well-read, and compassionate. She is everything a parent hopes for in a daughter and more. 

My love for her knows no limits and I am so proud to watch her live such an authentic and exciting life. I hope that her 15th year is exceptional, joyful, and filled with tons of love. 

Happy Birthday, Lily!

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