Thursday, May 21, 2015

My David Letterman Story

In 1995, I was dating a guy who lived in San Francisco. We had been dating for quite a long time and in July of that year I took a flight to visit him in California. Once there, I had a feeling that things just weren't going right for us. So, within 24 hours of being in San Francisco, I was back on an airplane headed home. 

What does that story have to do with David Letterman? Well, because I returned to Virginia Beach, I was able to drive with my friend to New York City with tickets in hand to see The Late Show with David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan theater. 

It was one of the best experiences. We had such a great time at the show. Sandra Bullock and Mayor Giuliani were the guests that night and we shook hands with both David Letterman and Mayor Giuliani when they came out in the audience for a skit they were doing. There was so much excitement and electricity in the room. Super fun!

Photos from our trip 

My early paper scrapbooking days

Here's a video from that night's show. If you look closely when Sandra Bullock runs into the theater, you can see me on the right in the audience. I'm in all pink with lots of blonde hair and a huge smile on my face (right around 0:38 seconds)!

I'm sad to see David Letterman go. He holds a little piece of my history with him and I'll miss seeing the tv cameras pan around the audience and shout out to John, "that's where I was sitting". A pretty cool memory.

So, with all of that being said, I'm so grateful that I got on that plane and headed home and was able to see David Letterman with my friend. But, probably more important than that, I'm glad I left that relationship so I could go on to meet my hubby!!!

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