Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ten Years

For the past ten years my girls have been at the same elementary school. This is our final year at Bethany. Lily entered Kindergarten in 2005 and Shelly will leave 5th grade this year. It has been such a good experience for both girls with teachers who care and go above and beyond for their students. 

It will be a little sad as we end this chapter, but I know that their future phases of schooling will bring its own adventure with it. Here are some photos of their days at Bethany:

Awards ceremony

Last day of 3rd grade

Bus #22
Talent Show

May Day

Kindergarten field trip
Fall Festival princess


Halloween parade

Kindergarten graduation

4th grade teacher and bridal shower

May Day

Beach trip

1st day of school 2010

DC trip

Halloween party

School play

Wilmington field trip

May Day

Teacher's Wedding


pirate day

Mountain field trip

State fair field trip

Fall Festival

Kindergarten Picnic

Bethany Cheerleaders
Bethany basketball

graduation from Kindergarten

The mountain trip


Christmas party

Fall Festival princess

Veterans day performance

First day of Kindergarten

4th grade trip to Raleigh


Pirate day
Working on homework

May Day princess
Good Bye, Bethany

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