Thursday, August 27, 2015


About a year ago Shelly went to our orthodontist for a consultation about her teeth and the potential for braces. They determined that she wasn't quite ready and had a follow up appointment scheduled for this summer. 

On the 15th of July, we went for the appointment and found out Shelly's teeth were ready for braces. She had lost all of her baby teeth and her jaw was at the perfect time to begin treatment effectively. So, her braces appointment was scheduled for the 23rd of July. 

She was so excited to get those braces on and was literally counting down the days. I was thrilled that she had such a positive attitude about getting braces. I wore braces at about the same age as Shelly and as an adult I am beyond thankful to my parents for paying for my braces. 

Shelly was a champ! She got her braces on in about 45 minutes and handled it beautifully. We are fortunate to go to a terrific orthodontist in our area. He and his assistants really made the experience easy and pain free. 

Shelly's estimated length of time for the braces is 24-28 months. We can't wait to see her smile once she's done with her braces!  And, until then, we are loving her smile with her braces!!

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