Sunday, October 11, 2015


When my head starts spinning from all of the things happening in my life, a few things seem to end up receiving less attention. And my blog has been the victim of this neglect. So, I am randomly adding a few tidbits to the blog about our life.

I decorated some pumpkins.

Daisy has been enjoying the recent appearance of the sun

Lily and her friend Grace at a high school football game.

This is exactly how I feel about standardized tests.

Shelly made this for extra credit in Social Studies

Our house is now listed with an agent. Here's the listing. Be sure to click on the photo gallery for updated pictures.

We bought a house in Virginia Beach!!! Yay. That's exciting combined with a dash of stress because we now own two homes!!!

Lily finished the Homecoming responsibilities for this year's event. She served as the co-chair of the committee and was always organizing and planning for the big day!

Here's a silly video of the girls from Snapchat:

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