Friday, October 30, 2015

What's up?!

Here are some photos and updates from the week. 

Shelly went to a party last week and dressed up as a kitty. It's our go-to costume...quick and easy. 

Yesterday was National Cat Day and Daisy decided to show me some extra love in the morning. 

This little boy celebrated his 50th birthday on the road. He came back home to us at 11:15 last night! We are happy to have him here and to celebrate his big day tonight. 

In other news, the house sale is moving along. The process of moving is a bit stressful. Don't let anybody tell you differently. But, I just have to keep thinking...this too shall pass. Right!?

I'm so grateful for my family. It's so comforting to know you have people there for you who are looking out for your best interest. Can't imagine not having that good fortune. 

Looking forward to a terrific Halloween and it's on a Saturday and it's time to turn the clock back! Bonus all the way around!

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