Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving & A Closing

This past week has really been a whirlwind of activities. On Monday, the moving people packed up our house and that night the girls and I stayed in the house for our last time. We had blankets, an air mattress, a tv, wifi and we made it a girls slumber party. It was a very melancholy feeling as we drove out the driveway on Tuesday morning. So many emotions. It is really hard to describe it. 

On Tuesday afternoon, we arrived in Virginia Beach and dropped the cat off with my dad. She needed a stress-free environment. The girls and I went on to our new house and watched as the final pieces of furniture were off loaded. We spent the late afternoon and evening unpacking boxes and making some sort of organization out of the chaos. 

On Wednesday, John and I went with Lily to select the pieces for our master bathroom remodel. Then we headed back to the house with Krissy. She was a big help and we managed to organize boxes in the computer room and move a few pieces. 

Around 5:00 PM, I heard from the realtor and lawyer who let us know it was official--we closed on our house. That night the four of us went to Chick's for dinner. And we're so close to a Target that we ended up there after dinner. Very exciting. 

Thursday we spent at my sister's house for dinner with my family. It was a nice day filled with gratefulness and yummy food. 

Friday was our annual shopping fun day. My sisters and I headed out for some bargains. Then we met up with the younger girls, who had also been shopping, for lunch. Friday night I got a dreaded migraine headache. This is one of the first times the headache has gone away pretty quickly. Thankfully it did. We were invited to John's boss's house for a get together. It was very fun. 

On Saturday, John's sister was able to get us tickets for the ODU football game. It was a fun time and great seats. We had dinner with some of John's family afterward and then headed home. 

It was a busy and fun holiday. The girls and I left to head back to NC where we will be until the Christmas break. Then it's back to VB for the break and back again to NC for two weeks to finish up the girls' first semester. I just have to say how proud I am of my girls. They have handled these ups and downs and changes so well. I'm forever grateful that they both have such good attitudes. I'm a lucky mom.  

Oh, and Daisy is making the best of her new situation by finding the perfect spot to relax. 

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