Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Day

My dad's tree looked so pretty on Christmas Eve. It was all ready with the packages and the lights shining brightly. Perfect. 

The girls were ready for their stockings at 7:30 on Christmas morning. 

Daisy came out to help. Oh, she got a little something from Santa in her stocking. 

A little deodorant and Lily's favorite Werthers were in her stocking. 

After stockings, it's on to the Santa gifts (3 for each girl--much like the 3 gifts the wise men brought to Baby Jesus) in the living room. 

More gifts were opened at my dad's and then we were off to my sister's house for the afternoon get together. 

Once we came back to our house, we were surprised to see that Santa left the girls gifts under our tree. They both received WRV (surf shop) shirts and penny skateboards. Santa must have thought they needed to be properly attired now that they are beach girls!

It was a terrific Christmas!

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