Friday, January 15, 2016

Saying Goodbye

As we prepare to leave North Carolina and make the trip to Virginia, I'm reminded of a few things. These things are random, but I want to be sure I document them here on my blog before we go. So, here's a rather disjointed list of items about our move without any photos. 

As much as I am eager to be back in Virginia where things are familiar to me, I need to remember that it is all unfamiliar to the girls. It's a new world for them and they are leaving their sense of what is familiar. 

The two weeks in January here in NC have been more difficult than I had anticipated. There were many things to accomplish and emotions have been running high. 

I've been surprised at the people who care enough to make an effort to say goodbye to us before we go. One of the difficult things about my life in NC has been the fact that I never made many close friends. I had many acquaintances, but few close friends. That has been made even clearer as we plan to leave. I admit, I sound a bit bitter about this, and well---I am. I have always been the go-to person when someone needed something and I always felt a little bit taken for granted. So, I'm going to lick my own wounds and get over it, but it does make me feel a bit sad. 

Shelly's birthday is coming up on Saturday and I'm sure she will always associate her 12th birthday with our move to Virginia Beach. 

We used Air bnb for our living situation after the sale of our house in November. For three weeks in December and two weeks in January, we lived in a condo so that the girls could attend school and finish their first semester in North Carolina. Lily hasn't loved the condo situation, but it really fit our needs and it was fully furnished. It had everything we needed with the exception of our clothes. So, both times we packed our things for a three and two week stay. That was a little daunting. 

The actual process of packing and moving occurred over two trips. I was surprised at how well the move went. I was expecting it to be much harder---or maybe I have already forgotten how hard it was. 

While we've been in NC, our cat, Daisy, has been living with my dad. He has been such a good sport about having her stay with him. She is loving it, I'm sure. I miss her terribly. 

I can't begin to explain how much I want this to all work smoothly for our girls. I am so aware that it probably will have many bumps and obstacles along the way, but I am praying and hoping for the best. If you have any spare prayers for them, I'd really appreciate them. 

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