Monday, February 22, 2016

Random Thoughts

I haven't blogged in a bit. So, thought I'd catch up in this post. We celebrated my sister's birthday at a Mexican restaurant. It was nice to be able to join in the celebration with her this year. 

Here she is with the sombrero on her while they sang Happy Birthday

The girls are working on their bedroom decor. They each have such unique ideas for their rooms and I love that about them. They both really have a flair for design and style. 

We had a day of snow and I thought it looked so pretty in front of our house, as we drove into the driveway. 

We make frequent trips to my dad's house to visit with him and our cat, Daisy, while she is having a little extended visit with him. 

Shelly loves taking bike rides in our neighborhood. We are lucky to be close enough to ride over to her middle school. 

We are really enjoying our screened in porch. We have had a few warmer days that gave us a chance to sit outside and enjoy the scenery. Shelly enjoyed posing for me. 

John and Lily made a visit to North Carolina last week. Lily had a chance to see friends and I think she needed that. While they were gone, Shelly and I shared some one on one time. She enjoyed a Slurpee one day after school. 

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