Sunday, March 06, 2016

Catching up---

A random selection of thoughts on today's post---

Lily is doing well with her online classes. She is very self-motivated and is enjoying the subject material. She really misses her friends and the social interaction of the school building. 

Shelly is doing well at her new middle school. She especially enjoys her teen living class. They have already made smoothies, flavored popcorn, and English muffin pizzas. Yum!!!

We joined our local rec center. It's just a few minutes from our home. So, Lily and I try to go three times a week. We are counting it as the equivalent to Lily's PE break. I love having her as my motivation.

Slowly but surely our lives are falling into place. There are still things that we need to become accustomed to, but overall we are moving in a positive direction.

We love being near our family. We love the time we have with them and the opportunities to have dinner together.

I'm on the lookout for a new seating situation in our den and a storage cabinet for our kitchen. 

I turned a photo of our house into this neat picture via the Waterlogue app. Thought it looked so pretty.

We are waiting on the kitchen remodel people to begin the mini remodel in the kitchen. Hopefully, it will be starting soon. I feel like I haven't used a real oven since October. So, I will be eager to whip up a yummy dinner once the kitchen is all in place.

Lily got her Virginia learners permit and she has been doing a great job of driving me around town. It's nice to see her embracing the driving experience. 

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