Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Fire

On Sunday evening we were at home and Lily and Shelly were hanging out with their cousin. Shelly and Kaden were outside when Shelly came inside telling us there was a large fire outside. 

When we looked outside, we saw the house that sits behind us through some woods on fire. It was such a scary moment. I called 911 while John flew out the back door and headed to the house that was on fire. Thankfully, when John got there the owners were already out of the house. We could hear the fire trucks on their way and were relieved as the firemen arrived and started putting out the fire. The flames were above the house and the scene was really scary.  

As it turns out, a large detached garage was on fire and burned to the ground. Some of the flames from the fire got into the attic of the house and the side of the home was burned but it doesn't appear there was any major damage to the home. There hasn't been any information about the cause of the fire. So relieved that the fire didn't spread and no one was injured.

Here's some news video about the fire:

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