Monday, June 06, 2016

Our Journey

I haven't written too many posts this winter/spring. I also haven't shared much about our life change. 

We moved and most people know that. But, with that move came so many decisions. Tough choices for all involved. Strange new adventures for all of us. And major adjustments. 

In July of last year, John was offered a new job in the town where we grew up and lived for many years. He accepted the job and we waited before we told anyone (including the girls) about our next step. 

We told the girls and they were filled with many emotions. To be honest, they were both a little unhappy about it all. They would be leaving behind their lifelong friends and the only home they ever knew. I was a little heartbroken to realize how sad they both were. After some time, they started to become okay with the new plan for their lives. 

We found a home to buy in August. This meant that we needed to sell our home and we put it on the market in late September. We had an offer in October and it was sold in November. 

We decided to move after the girls' first semester was complete. 

So John moved into our new home in October and the girls and I moved to a condo in NC to finish out the school year until early January. 

On January 15th, we moved into our new home and had a few weeks before Shelly would start at her new school. Lily started her classes on the 19th of January. She would spend the semester taking online courses at home. This plan would only take place during the spring semester. The transition for both girls has had its many ups and downs. 

I think one of the most important aspects of this move, for me, is keeping my expectations realistic. So often I want to idealize our life in my mind. I want things to work out in just the right way and that isn't always how it always goes.

Every day brings a new surprise. Sometimes we hit a road block and other days we see that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Basically, just like everyone else's life...there are days filled with happiness and days where things seem especially difficult. We are just trying to do the best we can and, hopefully, it will all be just fine. 

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