Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's New {5}

A new series about things I've found that seem to be making life easier, more fun, and/or more efficient.

I recently purchased the Eyefi Mobi SD card for Shelly and me. We are sharing it and using it in both of our cameras, when needed.

The whole idea behind the Eyefi card is that you can transfer your photos from your camera to another device over a WiFi network. It's a great way to get your photos transferred quickly to your desktop, smartphone, iPad, etc. There's no need for a cord or the need to insert the SD card into the desktop.

It's a little pricier to purchase the Eyefi Mobi SD card, but it's a huge convenience to have the photos transferred so easily over the WiFi network.

I paid for this myself. The above opinion is my own. And, I'm receiving no compensation.

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