Sunday, April 30, 2017

Podcast ❤

I'm a big lover of podcasts and have been listening to them ever since 2006 when my sister gave me an old iPod she had. I started my podcast obsession with the Bob and Sheri Show. They have a syndicated radio show that I listened to in Greensboro until it was taken off our local station. So, when I found them on my podcast list, I was beyond excited about it.

Once I became fascinated with the idea of podcasts, my interest grew and I found more and more shows to listen to over time. I thought I'd share my list of favorites with all of you.

Bob and Sheri from their radio show and filled with laughs and good times.

Serial true crime podcast.

Joel Osteen uplifting messages of hope and faith.

How I Built This interesting look into businesses and their creators.

S Town another NPR show about a small town and a potential crime.

Young House Love Has a Podcast couple who are DIY house designers with a fun flair.

Heather Dubrow Real Housewife who talks about her life and interviews celebrities.

Katie Couric journalist and interviewer discusses politics and popular culture.

Dr. And Mrs. Guinea Pig Heather Dubrow and her doctor husband answer a variety of medical questions.

So, check these out and listen in on this wide variety of entertainment. Oh, and they are all FREE!!!

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