Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today we are anticipating the arrival of Jim Jam/Granddaddy/Dad---my father. He is coming to NC for Shelly's preschool graduation and he'll be here to hang out with us while John is away on a golfing trip. We are eager to see my pop!!!
And another little visitor arrived on the deck this morning. Lily excitedly announced that there was a chipmunk on the deck. I thought to myself, she better not be kidding!!! I love me some chipmunks!!! And, true enough there he was---the cutest little thing ever. I snapped a few photos of him as he dashed around the deck. Later we saw him on the wall behind the pool. I am hopeful he'll stay around with us for the summer.


  1. How cute is that little thing? Maybe you can get some unsalted peanuts to put out for him to eat. Great photography, K :) !!

  2. Remember the chipmunk we had IN our house??!! lol

    I *do* think they are so cute though!!!

    Have fun with your visitors! ;)