Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Grad and My Dad

My dad left this morning to head back to his home and Shelly and I quietly cried as we watched him head out of our court. It was sad to see him go, but I was so glad that he had been here and spent time with us.

The girls love having him here and they even gave him a new nickname---Jim Jam the iPod Man!!! He has embraced all of these electronic gadgets. He can expertly check his bank statement online, keep up with his stocks, play a round or two of Solitaire, and review my little ramblings here. He became engrossed in the iPod and dare I say maybe even Obsessed!!! He can download his music to iTunes and then upload it to his iPod without a hitch. And, he has learned all of the ins and outs of his digital camera...from taking pictures to uploading them on the computer to emailing them! I am so in awe of how willingly my pop took on all of this technology and started using it. My mother would be so incredibly amazed at how well he is handling all of this.

In addition to the technology, I am amazed at how well he is coping with my mother's loss and helping us to deal with it. He is a terrific father and I am thrilled to call him dad, pop, Jim Jam, you name it!!!!
Here are some photos of the graduate and family before our celebration dinner:

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  1. I hope your dad reads this because I say woo hoo Jimmy Jam - Daddio!