Saturday, June 20, 2009

Looking for Signs

I feel as if I spend lots of time seeking signs from my mom.
Any type of communication from her is what I desire.
So, as strange as this may sound, I spent the morning cleaning out my craft supply closets.
And, as I did this I thought of my mother and her love of craft supplies.
Then as I went about reorganizing these items I felt an overwhelming need to label all of the things I put back in drawers and on shelves.
My mom loved to label EVERYTHING.
It felt really good to know she would have been pleased with what I did today.
I miss her.


  1. You have moved into that new world of communication with your mother that is constant yet different.She is talking to you about your craft supplies. My mother comes to me in the wind. Sometimes its as if a fast breeze finds just me in the yard and wraps itself around me.

    I know this is hard- a part of it may never change, but I promise it will become 'different'.

    You did good today.


    It helped me to stop looking for signs and to simply credit the ordinary as coming from her.

  2. Your mom is proud of you! That's a lot of labeling too! ;)