Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Favorite Dads

I know there are many people who think they have the best dad ever, but I know that I truly do!!! He has always been a man of 100% integrity and he has shown us how to be good people by his example. I really don't know of a soul who doesn't like my dad. He is very likable. I miss him so much and am thrilled that I have been able to see him several times over the past few months. I hope he has a terrific day and I hope he knows how much I love him!!!Now, this isn't my only favorite dad. The other important father around here is Lily and Shelly's pop! They love their daddy so much and I am so thankful for him. He loves his girls more than anything and is such a good father to them. We hope he has a super Father's Day, too.

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