Saturday, January 23, 2010

Around the House

So I had a little free time on Saturday afternoon and I became obsessed with doing some craft projects. So, I tackled the magnet clips that I've had on my fridge for the past 2 years. They were a promotional item from Nasonex and I couldn't stand to look at that little Nasonex bee another minute. I attacked the clips with wrapping paper and Mod Podge and viola they were transformed. Now, they can hold the cute little calendar Shelly made and they make me happy.

I also printed out a cute little picture I found online and framed it for our hall of weird art. I loved that the bike looked so much like my bike DIY from the summer. I also loved the saying on the print...keep on moving! I also took a photo of the picture of the girls that I have on the wall with these cool adhesive frames I got through Photojojo. This part of the hallway always makes me stop and smile when I go by it and I love that it is always changing and evolving.




In addition, I took some pictures of one of my favorite organizing activities from the summer. I moved all of the family games out of the guest bedroom closet shelf (a place the girls can't reach) and put them into the cabinets at the bottom of the bookcases in our den. I love that they are all contained there and we can easily access them whenever we want. I am also happy that the girls have some accountability for putting the games back when they are done. 



Ok, that is how things are stacking up around here. Oh, and one more little DIY to come...John is spray painting our ugly brass accents on the fireplace to make them look better. Got the great idea from this post. I'll add some pictures of the "after" when it is completed.


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  1. That bicycle print is adorable! And so true, huh? I want to spray paint my brass fire place surround as well. Let me know how it goes.