Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Friend and a Movie

As the days pass by me, I am realizing that I didn't just lose my mother in March, I lost my friend. Not all daughters are lucky enough to call their mom a friend, but I truly was. I lived with my parents for quite a long time as an adult and my parents and I forged a relationship as adults. I grew to understand my mom as a friend during that time and I took time to stop and listen to her...though not as often as the time she stopped to listen to me. As a teen, I was also very close to my mom. We didn't have many of those uncomfortable or difficult teenage days that many of my friends encountered with their parents. I was lucky. My mom was the first person I would call to share the good and the bad news. I knew she would be there with her unconditional love to help guide me and sometimes just to listen to me. I struggle with the fact that I have lost this friend. This person who was there for me. My mother was a wonderful friend. I hope that some day my girls and I will move into a relationship similar to the one I had with my mom as I became an adult. A friendship filled with love and support. I look forward to those days with my daughters and cherish the days I had with my mom.

As I write this entry, I am sitting and watching the movie, Julie & Julia. I think my mom would have really enjoyed this story. A story about a young woman who finds a purpose in her life by connecting with the food and the story of another woman while blogging about her adventures. Yes, I think she would have enjoyed it quite a bit.