Monday, February 08, 2010

Sunday Superness

So, we watched the Super Bowl as a big party, but lots of little fun. John decided we need to play the squares game...not sure what it is officially called. 

Lily won the 1st and 2nd quarter, I won the 3rd quarter, and Shelly won the final quarter. Poor John did not win in the squares game. Strangely, Shelly had quite the aversion to watching the Super Bowl and walked around most of the evening telling us she was not watching the Super Bowl. Well, OK! 

We had some yummy wings for our celebration. 

I decided to wash all of the dishes in the dishwasher due to the fact that our dishwasher is currently awaiting a new door handle (I broke it off)! This was actually quite relaxing because I could watch the game while washing. 

(A collection of some of my favorite things: Tervis Tumblers, my Oneida white plates, Ikea small bowls, Dollar Tree cutting board, and Anthropologie bowls)



Then the girls and I decided to print out and create their own Valentine's for their classmates. We found this super cute idea and went to town with it. There was lots of cutting and Shelly did a really good job with it all. 


By the end of the game, the team we chose won and the Valentine's were almost done. A good night for sure.

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  1. Hi! Just had to tell you I stumbled upon your site and saw your picture of some of your fav things and the dollar store cutting board; have and love too as well as the Ikea small bowls. I literally thought the other day, those bowl are the best things I've got from Ikea.
    Thought that was funny; had to share! Love your site!