Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Art Lessons with Lily

Last night Lily asked if she could do a craft with me and Shelly. So after their shower/bath we set to work on the craft with Lily as our instructor. She did a fabulous job of recreating a craft they had done that day in Art class at school.

This craft is a nice recycle use of any old magazines you have around the house.

You take three magazine pages and trace a circle on each page using a CD.

Cut out the circles and then fold them in half twice (until it looks like an ice cream cone).

 For the background circle trim a small amount off of the top (away from the point of the cone) of the cone using a unique cutting design. For the middle circle, do the same but move further down the cone for the cutting design. And, finally with the third circle, cut close to the point of the cone with a fancy cutting design.

Open each circle and layer them with the largest circle on the bottom, next the middle circle, and then the small circle. You can use glue or tape to adhere them to one another.

Now, with another magazine page, fold it in a small fold three times using the longest side of the paper. After the third fold, begin rolling the paper tightly. Tape the end of the paper tightly into the roll. Now you have a stem.

Tape the flower to the stem. Using a final page of the magazine, cut out leaves and tape to the stem.

Loved these little Spring flowers!!! We are displaying them on the cute. And, I'm so impressed with our little Art instructor!!!


  1. Hello, I loved your post very much and I have been looking at your older post. I like your blog very much as everything seems to come from your heart.I'm now stalking you by the way...LOL. Take care and God Bless.

  2. That is so cute! :) How creative she is!