Thursday, March 18, 2010

Save Some Time

I've been thinking about things that make life easier and help to move it along smoothly. So, as I ponder this idea, I came up with a few of my favorite time savers/life easers.

1. Paying my bills online. I formerly DREADED paying bills. It meant getting out the check book, filling out the bill pay slip, entering it in the checkbook register, sticking it in the envelope and hoping I had stamps for mailing the bill. This process for each bill took so much time. But once I began paying bills online it was done in a snap and I saved money while doing it!

2. When we make travel plans I like to stop by Priceline and check out the good deals on airfare and hotels. I recently snagged a hotel that was going for $250 for $90!! Love a good deal.

3. I love to read blogs, but keeping up with clicking on each individual blog to see if they had updated can be a huge time waster. So, I added all my blogs of interest into Bloglines. Now, I click on Bloglines and can see updated blogs highlighted. Quick and easy.

4. I am addicted to my tarts and I love the Yankee candle electric burner. Tarts are so yummy smelling in the house, but the chore of burning tea lights can make the tarts a little less fun. So, in enters the electric burner. Perfect for burning the tarts and no extra items needed. Also, the electric burners are much more practical in a home with children.

5. Laundry---I am a firm believer in getting the laundry out of the dryer, folded, and put away immediately. My children are a part of this process. They are 9 & 6 and can put away their clothes with minimal assistance from me. I am needed to help Shelly hang her shirts and dresses and that is about it.

6. DVR!!! Oh, goodness what did we do before this wonderful invention? Love being able to rewind and pause during a show. But, I also love recording my favorite shows to watch whenever I want.

7. Redbox! It costs $1 plus tax to rent a movie for one night. You can't beat that. And, you can return your movies to any Redbox added bonus.

8. The night before the garbage goes out I clean out the refrigerator. This helps to eliminate leftovers from being in there too long and keeps me on top of the cleaning process.

Ok, that concludes my ideas for now. But, I hope to come back with more time savers soon. Oh, and here's a tip---want to save time, stay away from Facebook. I am speaking from experience that it just drains your time. I still check it out, but just keep it to a minimum.


  1. Ugh laundry...I am really good at getting it all folder but putting it away...that's another story! We love Redbox too!

  2. Thank you for these simple reminders. It is so easy to get sucked into "time-sucking" activities. Mindless, habitual things. I dread paying bills, too, but keep putting off signing up online to pay them. A few minutes doing that and I'd be so carefree each month. I'm going to start that process right now...after I check my email and facebook and favorite blogs... (:

  3. I think I'll steal a few of your ideas.