Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Daughters' Love

On March 7th of 2009 we held the memorial service for my mother. My father and my sisters and I all spoke about my mom. I was apprehensive about speaking due to my heavy emotions and really didn't think that I wanted to do it. But, as we spoke with the minister, my father said that one of his regrets had been not speaking at his own parent's funerals. So, at that moment I decided I would summons the courage to deal with my emotions while talking to the congregation at mom's service.

Today I wanted to share with you a few excerpts from our eulogies. We didn't share our writings with one another beforehand and it was interesting to hear what each of us thought was special about our mom.

My sister Kathy's thoughts:

Our mother was simply a class act.

She was creative beyond belief. Martha Stewart couldn’t hold a candle to her.

She had a wonderful sense of humor and the greatest laugh.

She was a listener and advisor – always offering up the positive in all things.

I have learned many life lessons from her – but two of the most important lessons are these:

In situations with difficult people always kill them with kindness. It works.

The second lesson and probably the most important is that “Everything happens for a reason”.

Today I see that the reason we are here is that my mother touched our lives in some way that makes us all better people.

My sister Linda's thoughts:

Ever since I can remember my mom would always be there to lend a hand when someone needed a little help or just a word of encouragement, she never put herself before others no matter what the cost to herself. She would so unselfishly give any amount of love, understanding and even time, (which to her was the most valuable thing she had besides her family), I don’t think there was a single time I called upon her for help or assistance in my life that she wasn’t there for me, and that’s just what a good mother does.

I believe the greatest tribute to my mother is that all three of us chose to become mothers.

Mom, thank you so very much for every little thing you have done for us and for everyone you have touched, we will never forget you and we promise to stick by one another through hard times and disagreements as well as good times. We will make you proud mom I promise..)

My thoughts on my mom:

She taught us to always do things with love and special attention. She didn't just give you a gift at your birthday. She elegantly wrapped it and added beautiful bows and embellishments and created the perfect card to go with it. And that's also how she lived her life.

When I needed guidance in my own life, she was the person I would call.

I have been truly blessed with a mother who surpasses all others.

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  1. So nice to read the comments about your sweet mom. :)