Friday, March 05, 2010

Love You, Mom

Last night the girls and I wrote notes to my mom. This morning we attached our notes to heart shaped balloons and then let them go.

In her note, Shelly told grandmommy that she has lots of friends in Kindergarten and that she misses her.

Lily said she hoped grandmommy could see all of our achievements. And she asked her to send us a sign that she is with us.

I told my mom I hoped she was happy and at peace. I also told her that I was going to try to start living life like she did...happily.

My mother was a happy person. She had a husband she loved more than anything. She had three children who were so important to her. And she was filled with love and affection for her grandchildren. My mother had a job that was an integral part of her happy life. When she retired from teaching, my mom and dad spent time traveling and living life to its fullest. When she was faced with adversity in her life she didn't crumble. My mom faced it head on with a positive attitude and more strength than anyone could imagine.

Her laugh was infectious. Mom had an incredible sense of humor sprinkled with some excellent sarcasm. I can recall many times the two of us in tears laughing about some crazy little thing. We had lots of fun together.

The definition of happy is this:characterized by or indicative of pleasure,contentment,or joy.

My mom embodied that word. She was very happy.

In 1984 my mom gave me the book, The Circle of the Spirit. Inside the front of the book she wrote, "note p. 53 with love, mom". When my sister-in-law was here two weeks ago, she picked up this book and showed it to me. Here's what it said on p. 53:

Holding hands we are a Circle of the Spirit.
It is not accidental that we have come to be together here for we have joined before.

The words touched me and the first thing I thought was...I look forward to the day that I will again hold hands with my mother.

I love and miss you mom.

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  1. So sorry for the loss of your mom :(. I think it's wonderful that you are creating little ways to honor and connect with the memory of your mom. Blessings to you as you grieve.