Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love Them

I love my little girls. I am sure that is what most moms say. But, truly I love them so much.

They are cute and fun and they can even drive me crazy. But, I still love them so much!!!

Lily at 10:

She is very funny and has a quick sense of humor.
She is a great friend.
She is a kind sister.
She loves school.
She is a good shopper who makes smart buying decisions.
She makes me laugh.
She is creative.
She is always busy.
She is a very good little gymnast.
She is sensitive.

Shelly at 6:

She just lost her 5th tooth.
She is silly.
She is easy going.
She likes to laugh.
She is a home body.
She loves horseback riding.
She is fun to be around.
She loves her blankie.
She is a budding artist.
She loves her big sister.

My sweet girls make my life easier. They give me so much joy. I highly recommend keeping little girls around for a fuller life.

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  1. Awwwwww. I love all of these photos. The girls are both so beautiful.