Monday, May 24, 2010

Field Trips

As I was thinking about Shelly's field trip to the beach, it reminded me of a field trip I took the summer after 9th grade. We went to Philadelphia for a week! And my mom was one of the teacher/chaperones. I cannot even imagine taking a group of 14 year-olds out of town let alone out of the state for a week. She was brave (as were the other teachers who chaperoned us). On that trip we visited Valley Forge, the Liberty Bell, the Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Zoo, ate at Bookbinders, and even went down the hotel elevator with Grace Slick from Jefferson Starship. It was an amazing trip and I am so thankful that my mom helped organize it for all of us.

My mom is the one on the far left wearing her blue espadrilles...loved those shoes!

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