Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Real Life

So, I mentioned that I would be back to tell about the new cat. Well, I wish the story was better, but it isn't. So, in an effort to keep things as real as I can on ye ole blog, here goes.

We saw the cat at my dad's house in Virginia Beach last week. She hung around and we decided that my sister-in-law could bring her to us if the cat stayed around my dad's during the time we were gone (and if no one claimed her/put out signs for her). So, we picked her up from my SIL when we dropped off my niece on Sunday. We thought the cat was under a year old and we took her for a vet appointment on Monday morning.

Once at the vet's office we found out she was an approximately eight year old cat with lots of medical issues. To make a long story short, we chose to take her to a cat rescue place. It was sad and difficult to make this decision. The girls cried and we were all sad. Another life lesson for our family. Seems like we have had our fair share of life lessons over the past few years. We should be very well educated in this thing called life.

Today the girls and I practiced a little art therapy at the pottery painting place. I think it did us all some good.

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