Saturday, August 14, 2010

College Bound

The college doors are opening and the freshmen are preparing for a whole new world. Three of those freshmen are my nephews and I am sure that they are filled with excitement and fear---apprehension and elation. They are entering a place of independence and a place to stretch their wings for the first time as adults.

Kyle heading to ODU

Erik going to Virginia Tech

Eric attending Hampden-Sydney

As an adult, I can remember those feelings when I went off to college for the first time and my parents helped lug all of my treasures to the third floor of my dorm. I can see my mom hanging the curtains and fixing my bed and my dad carrying the many boxes up the steps while I arranged my clothing in the closet.  But soon it was time for them to leave and for me to begin this new journey. The build up to saying good bye was difficult. As they kissed me goodbye I shed a few tears. They left and I lay on my bed thinking about what to do next. It didn't take me long to plunge into the social scene and make new friends. It was all so fun and different.

Now, though I wonder what it was like for my mother as she kissed me goodbye and headed back home to the quiet. I wonder how she felt. I wonder what her hopes were for me. Until recently I never really thought to think of the college experience from my mother and father's perspective.

But the tables are turning and I am listening to my sister tell of my nephew's first few days away at college. And we both wish we could talk to our mom about her recollections. I still have eight years to go before I will say a teary goodbye to my oldest as she enters college. But, I know that when she does I will still wish my mom was here to ask her how to handle all of the changes ahead of us.

I am hopeful that I will follow my parent's lead and let my girls spread their wings and fly.

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