Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Somethings

Here's a new little feature for Saturdays. Many others do this and I like the idea. So, here are my Saturday Somethings!

Right now I am---

watching: Many episodes of Watch What Happens Live on my dvr
drinking:  A glass of water with lemon

wearing:  shorts and a Va Tech t-shirt

 Eating: Special K with fruit and yogurt

listening: The Disney Channel

avoiding: vacuuming...not sure my foot is up to it, but it really needs to be done with this big fluffy cat in the house

wishing: for the impending end of the school year

feeling: antsy...being housebound is getting to me 

missing: my family

thankful: that I haven't had much pain in my foot post surgery

craving: a yummy cheeseburger

wondering: if the removal of my stitches will hurt 

praying: for lots of love and happiness

needing: the ability to drive a car again, SOON!

thinking: about this book that I just read...such a moving story . It was the first book that I downloaded and read on my iPad

dreaming: About my sister and niece coming for a visit in May  

loving: Babybel cheeses

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