Thursday, January 17, 2013

Celebrating the Birthday

Wow, this has been the never-ending birthday celebration. But, that's just how it goes around here. We love to make a big deal out of the girls' birthdays and they love it. There's only one day out of the year that you can call your own and we make the most of that.

Last night we had the gift opening extravaganza along with a bit of birthday cake. And, the cake came before dinner (due to our schedule). Fun!!!

Reading a card from sissy


The bathing suit



Lily helping the birthday girl who is wrapped in a blanket (she was chilly)

A call from grandpa while opening gifts

Ready to buy some new Toms

A one layer cake that is supposed to look like a doughnut

Ready to blow out the candles!

And, here she is blowing out the candles:

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