Friday, January 18, 2013


I've been thinking quite a bit about my decision to leave Facebook back in December. It has been like a breath of fresh air for me. I tend to have an all-or-nothing personality and had a difficult time backing away from Facebook. So, I had to just quit cold turkey.

I was finding that many of my conversations revolved around what people were saying, doing, and posting on Facebook. Boring! I wasn't even close friends with many of the people I was discussing. 

I was also becoming a little put off by the bragging and boasting that was taking place. And, guess what? I was doing it, as well. That's not a good thing! I would post all of the cute and fun pictures of my family and all of the cool and interesting things we did. I wasn't including the boring, mundane, and not so great aspects of our lives. I call it the Facebook Self-Edit Project, where people only post the great things about their lives and portray the "perfect" image of their so-called "perfect" lives. It no longer seemed like an authentic place to go and have fun, but more like a competition to see who's lives were more exciting.

Plain and simple, I was no longer interested in "playing the game". So, I deactivated my account in early December and I've never looked back---both figuratively and literally. 

I am working on living a fuller life that's FB free and I am concentrating my thoughts, pictures, and ideas here on my blog. It just feels happier and safer here in my tiny little blog spot.

So, to anyone else thinking of leaving Facebook, give it a try and don't worry about the things you might be missing. Instead think about all of the time you've reclaimed and go out and live YOUR life and don't just read about other's.

Disclaimer: I never say never and who knows I might just hop back onto Facebook one day. But, until then, I'm pleased with my decision.

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