Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fun on Father's Day

Father's Day morning started with cheese omelets and toast for John. After breakfast we presented John with his gifts. 

The girls had definite ideas about what they were going to get him. Lily had a Super Hero theme and bought him the Ironman movie along with a coupon good for more movie time watching the other Super Heros together. She also got him a Super Pop cup filled with Pop its. Shelly (and I) made him 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies with 3 coupons for baked treats of his choice. She also got him cashews, root beer. and a cat shirt!

John's choice of activity for Father's Day was a trip to Mount Airy to do some cherry picking. We set out on our 1.5 hour trip and along the way it turned into a 2.5 hour trip. Once we hit the cherry orchard we were told there had been 800 people there already that day. So, that resulted in fewer cherries to pick. John climbed a ladder to get to the higher limbs on the trees and picked some cherries for us. Shelly and I also climbed the ladder while Lily secured the scene below holding the cherry bucket. We had lots of laughs about getting lost and climbing ladders for cherries. It made for a memorable day. 

On our way home from the orchard we stopped at Dario-s and had a delicious lunch that ended with yummy shakes. It was a happy Father's Day for sure!

Happy Girls with their daddy


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