Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mom at Christmas

The Christmas season arrives and I begin to sense a somewhat too familiar feeling. Maybe like something's missing and during times I least expect it. That's when I know it's my mom that I feel all around me. I know she's with me and my girls and she's taking care of us all, but she isn't here on Earth with us. Almost five years later and that still doesn't hurt any less. 

My mom loved the details that go along with Christmas...decorating the house, the tree, beautifully wrapping the gifts, listening to the Christmas music...she just seemed to love it all. And I look back on it now and realize the huge effort she put forth at Christmas time for my sisters and me. We could always count on our knit stockings (the ones she made) on the mantle, the quilted wreath hung in the house, bringing down all of the gifts on Christmas Eve night, and waking up filled with more excitement than imaginable. She created that for us (along with my dad) and I don't think you can truly grasp the effort that was made until you are that mom trying to do the same thing for your own children. 
Although she isn't with me her loving Christmas legacy lives on through my children. And hopefully one day it will continue to live on through their children, too. 

Love and miss you, mom. Merry Christmas.  

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