Tuesday, December 17, 2013


At the after Halloween sales at Target, I found myself standing next to a woman and browsing the selection of sale items. She reached for several boxes of the Funfetti Cake Pop boxes and said that she was saving them to make Christmas cake pops and would just change out the sprinkles. Brilliant, I thought! So, I did the same. And, at 50 cents a box you couldn't go wrong. That's 12 cake pops for about $1 (after adding in prep ingredients and new sprinkles).


The girls helped with the prep work and I was really pleased with the results. These will be great little neighbor gifts and little extras to add to a gift.

That's just what I'm doing with this little present for Shelly's gymnastics teacher. I found this adorable printable and added a pair of earrings that I have in my crafting stash (created by me). Then I put some pops and the earrings together in a little package. Fun, simple, and sweet.

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