Thursday, March 13, 2014


Growing up in Virginia Beach there was a restaurant named Le Crepe and it was one of my favorite places to go for a meal. When I was about 13 I learned how to make crepes and I've been preparing them ever since. 

Frequently, I will have a hankering for them and jump up and make them. They are quick and so easy AND so yummy.

The batter is runny and smooth

Pour batter into a small pan and swirl around the pan until it is all covered
Heat for about a minute on a medium heat
Flip and heat for another minute
I stack the finished crepes on a plate with pieces of wax paper separating them

For this crepe, I just spread a little sour cream

Then I added some red raspberry jelly

And then just roll them up!
These crepes can be made with a sweet or a savory filling. There are so many options for crepe fillings. The recipe below is the one I use and the cheese filling is really tasty. Try them and enjoy!!!

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