Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Shelly has a project for her 4th grade class. We had a snow day on Friday so we took advantage of the time and got started on it. 

She is creating a model of the Cape Lookout lighthouse. Shelly got some help from daddy on the black diamonds (actually they are checkers, according to our research). We used a variety of craft supplies to create the grass (corrugated green board), the beach (burlap fabric), and the water (scrapbook paper). And then we remembered that we had a bucket full of shells. So, we added a few of those to the project.

My favorite part of the lighthouse is the addition of the flameless tea light on the top of the lighthouse. The cup lifts off and she can turn the tea light on and off. 

Love it! Pretty pleased with our snow day project.

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