Sunday, March 09, 2014


The title of this post does not refer to the movie with the same name. It refers to the ridiculous weather that we had on Thursday and Friday. 

The meteorologists said that we had a chance of rain/freezing rain when they reported the weather on Thursday morning. But, suddenly, by Thursday afternoon they were beginning to think that the freezing rain might be more intense. 

The freezing rain began around 5:00 on Thursday evening. Then came the sleet. School was cancelled for Friday at around 9:00 PM and the sleet came down heavy all night. When we woke up on Friday morning there was a nice blanket of snow all over and ice was still falling from the sky. And then it turned into snow! The snow kept coming for about three hours. By the time it was all over we had about an inch of ice with about five inches of snow packed on top. 

Driveway was plowed out by our neighbor!

In the early afternoon, school was cancelled for Saturday. Yes, Saturday---our makeup day for a previous snow day. And, at about 3:00 we ventured out. John had his shovel in the back of the car. It came in handy when we stopped to help a young girl who's car was stuck get into her neighborhood and also get a mail lady back on track to deliver the mail. 

We successfully made it to Target and the grocery store. And, we stopped for a little Mexican dinner. Bad weather won't keep us down!
Today our temperatures soared to a balmy 65*! Seriously! Crazy NC weather!
To conclude this blog entry, I would just like to say--- "Winter, we are done with you! We get it. You are cold, windy, wet, strong, and inconvenient. Now send your kinder, gentler sister our way. Spring we're ready for you!"

Sunday morning after the temps went into the 60s on Saturday!!!!

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