Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ski Skills and Snow Tubing

So this past weekend we went to Massanutten and met up with John's sister and her family for a little snow fun. 

On Friday night we celebrated Shelly turning 11!!! It was a sweet celebration but she was not feeling great. So, our weekend plans were a little iffy. After some medication and a good night's sleep we decided Shelly was prepared to make the trip. 

We arrived in Harrisonburg on Saturday morning and headed to the ski resort to go snow tubing. Once there, we found out we would need to wait on snow tubing until Sunday and purchase our tickets by 1:30 on Saturday. So, what to do next? John decided we should put some skis on the kids and let them give it a try. Shelly was eager...Lily not so much. I convinced her that if she'd give it a try, I'd also ski with them and her cute little cousin, Kaden, encouraged her, too. 

Lily had a little mishap with the skis early on and she was done. Shelly kept at it, but wasn't overly successful. The moral of this ski time, put them in ski school! Since John, Mary, and I were on the slopes and had our skis on we thought we'd make the most of it. So, we took one good ski run and called it a day. It was fun to see the girls' faces when they saw their fairly non-athletic mother coming down the hill skiing. And, I think it might have given me a little ego boost, as well. 

The next day, we hit the snow tubing park early. Tip for the snow tubing times...pick the first time. It gives you an hour with a smaller crowd. The second hour overlaps with the next group so it's nice to have that first hour with fewer people. We all loved snow tubing and would definitely go again if the opportunity arises. 

All in all, a fun weekend in the snow. 

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