Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cabin Fever & Stomach Flu = Art Therapy

Shelly caught a stomach bug on Wednesday night and it was holding on strong all day Thursday. She had a little water throughout the day and took several naps. This morning she woke up feeling a little better, but I could tell she still she wasn't 100%. 

Her sister headed out with friends to see a movie and Shelly and I stayed behind. With Shelly gaining a little more energy, we decided it was time to make some art. So, we looked in the craft cabinet and found a wooden frame, a wooden door hanger, and a small canvas. She got to work creating some art pieces and it passed the time while she worked on feeling better. 

And after the crafts were completed it was time to bake a cake. We didn't have much of a plan so we decided on baking the cake in round pans. Once it was cooled we stuck it in the freezer for a few minutes. 

Then it was time to assemble the cake into the shape of a cat. Shelly and I used our various resources in the house to decorate the cat cake. We were pretty pleased with the outcome. 

This is what the cat spends most of her time doing at the back door:

Oh, and once Shelly was feeling better from the flu the rest of got the stomach bug. I've spent the majority of the day deep cleaning the house and ridding ourselves of the germs!

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