Friday, February 27, 2015


Big things are happening around these parts. 

Lily is starting the book part of Drivers Ed on Monday. I can clearly remember thinking about this event about 4 years ago when she was in 5th grade. And here we are ready to embark on a whole new chapter once again. As I type this, I'm thinking---wow, in another 4 years Lily will be off at college and Shelly will be starting this same journey. Amazing and hard to believe!

Our other big event? Shelly just lost her last tooth and wrote her final tooth fairy note. For ten years these girls have been losing teeth, writing notes, and counting their tooth fairy money. 

Shelly's Tooth Fairy note

As a mom of young children it seemed like it would be an eternity before some of these bigger milestones would come to pass. Now, as a mother of a tween and a teenager those milestones came to an end all too fast. Cherish every little bit of their lives and don't apologize for taking photos and making those memories last. 

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