Sunday, March 01, 2015


What Would Mom Do?

I lay in bed at night and ruminate over my various concerns and worries and most times the prevalent thought is, what would my mom do? How would she handle this situation? What words of advice would she offer? 

I think of my mom every day. I miss her every day. And when the going gets tough I think about her words of wisdom and calm demeanor in the face of a storm. I try to not only conjure up what her answers might be, but I also try to channel my inner "mom". I take a deep breath, close my eyes, think practically, and try to find the solution. That's the image I have of her. I think of her calm words even when she might not have been sure how to handle issues with me or my sisters. But we never knew that. She always sounded confident and smart and guided us without being a helicopter mom and without making too many judgements about our decisions. 

I don't think I have fully evolved into being that type of mom, but I do know that I can always ask myself...WWMD? And that brings me great comfort. 

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