Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Call your mom if you are fortunate enough to have her in your life. 

Exactly six years ago to the day and the date, I talked to my mom for the last time. 

The girls were out of school for a snow day and we had all been out to lunch and then did some grocery shopping. I called my mom on my way home from the store. We talked about nothing special. It was just an ordinary conversation and we ended it as we always did by saying "I love you". 

It would be the last time we talked. I somehow think it might be exactly how my mother wanted it to be. An ordinary chat between us without any knowledge of what would happen to her in less than 48 hours. 

And for me, I wish I could have said more to her. I wish I had the chance to explain how important she was to me. I wish I had asked my mother more about her life. When I think of the things I didn't get to say, I hope that she knew how much I loved her. What I wish most is that I could pick up the phone and call her and just chat. 

If you can, call your mom. 

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