Sunday, May 31, 2015

Let's Be a Good Example

Here's my plea to mothers of daughters:

Lets be kind, supportive, and loving. Let's drop the judgement and teach our daughters how to be accepting of one another. Let's stop and listen. Let's stop talking over each other, ask each other questions, and really get to know and understand one another. Let's show more love and less hate. Let's be tolerant of our differing beliefs. Let's laugh more and show each other support when we cry. Let's be a true example of grace, kindness, and strength. Let's stop feeling paranoid, persecuted, and left out. Let's show our girls how to create their own fun and laugh at ourselves. Let's stop teaching these girls to be mean, judgmental, and unkind. Let's attempt to show our daughters how to be exceptional women who are there for one another.  

Moms, let's please be a good example for our daughters.

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