Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Final May Day

For the past ten years, we've been celebrating May Day at the girls' elementary school with an event that is steeped in tradition. It's sweet and beautiful and it makes you feel good to be part of a community that puts so much love into this annual gala. 

This year Shelly was selected from her class as the princess. And, in addition, the 5th graders performed the May pole dance. It's such a sweet performance and the kids seem to enjoy it as much as the adults. 

Dressed and ready to go (in the bathroom)

Waiting to be announced as a member of the court

Shelly with her escort

Shelly gives her friend a thumbs up before the May dance begins

It's a bit melancholy to think of the end of yet another elementary school tradition as we complete our time at this sweet school. 

Mrs. Williamson and Anjali

Shelly with her friends

Lily and her friend attended their sisters' last May Day celebration 

Shelly and friends 

Members of the May court

Morgan and Shelly

Shelly and Elli

Shelly and Eryn

A video of some of the May Day fun:

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  1. Shelly is adorable!!! It looks like a really fun time. And her escort looks pretty GQ. hehe :)

    I miss talking to you, Karol!