Friday, June 19, 2015

Learner's Permit

The journey to the learner's permit has been long and winding! 

In March Lily took the book part of her school's driver's education class. The instructors were a bit backed up so when she finished, Lily was put on a waiting list for an available slot to take the driving portion of the class. 

We thought she might get into the class somewhere in April or May. But, we were wrong. Her number finally came up for her to take the class on Monday. She was lucky enough to be with the veteran instructor who at one time owned his owning driving school.  Lily had such a successful class and Mr. Wall arranged for her to complete the class in record time. She completed the course yesterday with flying colors. 
Lily with her instructor, W.A. Wall

That meant that this morning we were at her school to pick up required forms and her report card (she made all A's for the semester!). Then it was off to the DMV to take her learner's permit tests. After 90 minutes, she walked out of the office with her permit in hand!!!! A super happy girl, for sure. 

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