Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Stuff

A quick catch up from my last post. Since Lily received her learner's permit she has been busy getting in some driving time. It's going very well.

We had John's family here (a total of 11 of us) for a visit. We spent time in the pool and eating some yummy meals. Our niece, Sofia, stayed for a couple of extra days and we went to see the movie Inside Out. I loved it and so did the girls. 

Then we headed to Virgnia Beach for five days of family and fun. We shopped, went to some favorite restaurants, and had time on the beach at the Bay. 

Once we headed back home, Lily packed and prepared for her week in Raleigh as a Senate page. Shelly attended her first night at VBS with friends. 

Yesterday we dropped off Lily and her three friends at the NC Legislative Building in Raleigh. It was a fun morning and really nice to see the girls excited, a little nervous, and all dressed up for their page responsibilities. 

Shelly went to VBS last night and today we are taking it easy. So far, we've had a whirlwind summer filled with visits, short trips, driving classes, sleepovers, and plenty of fun. 

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