Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mid-Month Update

Well, since my last update, we have listed our house for sale by owner. So, if you know anyone who would like to move to the area, live on a golf course, and enjoy a swimming pool, let us know!

The girls have been busy at school. Shelly has had her share of up and down days at middle school. She told her teacher that she just really missed her mom. And so, we talked about it and I let her know that I can relate. As a 1st grader, I cried every day of school for the first month (what a pain for my mother---wish I could tell her how sorry I am). I hated leaving my mother. Hopeful that she will work through all of this and it will all be okay. But, I'm realistic and I know it can take some time. 

We have had painters painting our upstairs in a very neutral palette. We've also showed our house to several realtors, as well as, individuals who are interested in the house. That means the house needs to be "show ready" all the time. :(

We are also a bit obsessed with playing the card game Speed. It seems like the perfect stress reliever/diversion from life!

We are working on how to make our move a little less stressful by lining things up ahead of time. It's a bit overwhelming and there are days when I just want to bury my head under a pillow and go right back to sleep. But, that's not really an option. So, I will continue to take it all one day at a time and pray for the best and listen to my Joel Osteen podcasts.

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